Done FOr You Marketing Packages


Looking for a partner to manage your marketing? We can manage your online marketing while you focus on taking in sales. (see Do It Yourself marketing options below)

*Each level will have a different ad amount management involved and on which platform and marketing funnel levels. Please schedule a free consultation to not only receive a proposal and specifics about your business.


Our Do It Yourself Marketing Packages


Ideal for marketing agencies, freelancers, and businesses with in house marketing team members. 

$15 For 1 Post Per Month

1 Monthly Post
Include Up To 2 Backlinks For Each Post
Provide Own Content (Articles, PR, News, Etc.)
Articles Archived
Include Images
Include Video Embedding


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work

For the article writing, you simply post an article that links back to the website you represent. It is the easiest and legitimate way to help you rank online.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Marketing is not a simple $ in and $2 out. Each industry will be different, and each market whether it is local, national or worldwide and how much competition in that market matters. We have seen results for clients in as little as a month and some within six months. Feel free to schedule a free consultation to better determine if this may be the right fit for you.

How Is The "Done For You" Pricing Set?

Each level describes that starting point. Based on the type of business a proposal with three recommendations will be provided. For a business with multiple locations, some adjustments will be made versus a single local location.

Do You Offer Free Trials?

We do not. The quality of work that is provided speaks for itself. However, we know we are not the perfect fit for everyone and that is why we are month to month.

What Is The "Done For You" and "Do It Yourself"?

We have a team of experts do all the marketing for you or you can do it yourself. If you are a small business starting out or maybe you’re a freelancer/marketing agency then you have the tools to blog and link build for yourself. Or if you are looking to partner with someone to manage it for you then we have that option as well. Feel free to schedule a free online consultation to see what the best fit is.

How Long Are The Contracts?

All contracts are month to month. Feel free to cancel at any time.

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